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On March 19, 2019, a whale washed up on a beach in the Philippines. Scientists found 90 pounds of plastic waste in her stomach, which had caused her to starve to death. Of course, this was not the first story we’d heard about the worsening state of our oceans, but we decided at that moment to do our part to help the world move away from plastics wherever possible.

The idea for Blowholes paper straws was born, named in memory of the whale who died to share her message with the world.

Our goal is to make biodegradable products accessible alternatives to plastics. Paper straws are just one of the simple substitutions that we can all make in our homes and businesses, and are a step in the right direction towards a future where our oceans can breathe easy.

Although we’re starting out with eco-friendly paper drinking straws, we’re working on developing a wider assortment of plastic-free food service products and solutions for cafes, restaurants, bars, caterers, office break rooms, cafeterias, as well as for everyday use at home.

blowholes biodegradable paper straws

Blowholes paper straws are tough, durable, and made to last for hours in all types of beverages and drinks. Our straws are made from biodegradable and compostable, food-grade paper, and all Blowholes products are always shipped in 100% recyclable cartons for the lowest possible environmental impact.

We thank you for supporting our vision of a world with no plastic waste.

- Kent and Paul