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Blowholes is the home of the very best biodegradable and eco-friendly paper straws in Canada! To get to know us a little better and find out what Blowholes is all about, check out our origin story here.


Blowholes Paper Straws Ordering Options

We provide two easy ways for you to make the switch from plastic straws to paper straws.
By the Box – perfect for individual consumers, smaller cafés, convenience stores, wedding venues, and dozens of other small businesses.
By the Case – ideal for bar & restaurant supply companies, hotels, airlines, grocery stores, sports & entertainment and many other businesses.

Blowholes Paper Straw Products Showcase

Browse all the different styles of biodegradable paper straws, including unwrapped and individually-wrapped straws of each type. All Blowholes eco-friendly paper straws can be ordered by the box or by the case, and are shipped in 100% recyclable packaging.

Find the perfect Blowholes paper straw for you & ditch the plastic for good!

The Inspiration Behind Blowholes

Our story began with a tragic tale of wildlife suffering due to the astonishing amount of plastic waste that is clogging our oceans and harming the planet. However, from this tragedy we were driven to help make a difference by offering top-quality biodegradable paper straw products that will replace plastic and benefit the health of our environment.

Learn more about what inspired us.

Why Switch from Plastic to Paper, and Why Choose Blowholes?

Making the switch from plastic straws that clog our oceans and pollute our planet to paper, or other biodegradable material, is simply the right thing to do. Yes, paper straws cost more than plastic, but they offer many environmental benefits over their plastic counterparts that are easy to justify, and we're all willing to pay more knowing these benefits.

Blowholes paper straws are made from 100% biodegradable and compostable paper materials, sourced sustainably, and shipped in recyclable packaging in order to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact.

Blowholes paper straws are different from other paper straws that you may have used before. Our unique straw design is incredibly tough and durable, and will last for hours on end in all types of drinks and beverages without getting soggy, waterlogged, unraveling, or falling apart.

Choose from multiple styles, sizes, and designs for all kinds of drink types including sodas, smoothies, iced blended drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails, and many more. Blowholes paper straws don't only make an environmental statement, they also make a fashion statement. Our straws are clean and stylish, with a fantastic smooth feel. Plus, you can order Blowholes paper straws individually-wrapped or unwrapped. The choice is yours!

Blowholes eco-friendly paper straws are perfect for use at home, as well as in all types of food service businesses like cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, food trucks, catering services, and more. They're also great for office break rooms and cafeterias. You can order individual boxes of Blowholes paper straws, or shop by the case for larger quantities and take advantage of volume discounts. 

We guarantee the best prices in Canada for equivalent volumes and straw type.

The time is now to make a positive change for the environment and ditch wasteful plastic straws in favour of the biodegradable, eco-friendly paper straws from Blowholes!